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I face a lot of protean greninjas, and they always sweep my team, so what could I use to counter one? Bug types are ok against them, but they always will die fron a nice beam if they're not fast enough. So what should I use to counter a protean greninja?

Ferrothorn usually as long as the greninja has not got HP fire
There isn't one, because of Greninja's movepool and ability. It can run either physical or special, so it's really hard to counter or wall it successfully.
you have a good point
Paralysis is a good friend against Greninja.

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Chansey/Blissey hard counters it, as well as other dedicated special walls such as vaporeon.
I can list a couple of them, but only so many are viable (viable ones are in bold, relatively viable ones are in italics, moderate to bad ones are normal)
Chansey, Blissey, Florges, Sylveon, Snorlax, Regice, Conkeldurr (AV), Porygon2, Umbreon, Clefable, Gyarados, Scrafty

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Greninja can be used as a physical attacker too, don'tcha know? In fact, it's physical movepool is larger than it's special one.
by level up, yeah. but the best moves are usually TMs
Nah mate, his physical TM list is bigger than his special too son!
U-Turn is the most fitting TM for Physical Ninja
Most ninjas are special, or special with a U-Turn on the side. Physical ninjas are few and far between, and they're more often seen in Doubles/Triples where Mat Block is awesome and Rock Slide is appreciated. Blissey can probably survive a Greninja physical hit, and once the word is out it's physical, they'll just wall it with Skarmory or Gliscor.
You can try a sceptile also , sceptile has a better base speed than greninja, with max attack and speed evs ,'you can attack faster than greninja. Use leaf blade and you can beat it in one move , as greninja has a very bad defense. Other moves for the sceptile would be rock slide , dragon claw and earthquake. It can deal with many leads. Hope this helps.
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Okay, so Greninja keeps changing it's type so you can never hit it super effectively, and, more often than not, hits you super effectively. Annoying, isn't it? But, there is one type that will save you, and that type is electric!

The only weakness electric has is ground (durp) and the only ground move Greninja gets is DIG. Only idiots and morons use two turn attack moves because the opponent can switch freely in to something that resists it (no offense was meant if you are an idiot or a moron. sorry.) So you are safe with electric type.

Now you need one that's faster than a Greninja, so you can hit it before it changes it's type. And that's where this little beastling comes into play:


Just a quick example of an electric type that's faster than a Greninja. Just hit with a STAB thunderbolt and he's down.

Or you could get a slow, bulky electric type with lots of coverage moves, and try to predict what move he is going use, then slap him with that super effective attack! Boom!

Hope this helped!

HP Ground...?
Lol yeah seriously
that's a check, not a counter.
Well I think you're more of an idiot then me, u know?
yeah but I know I'm a idiot and I always forget about HP moves, never ever seen HP ground though...
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there really isnt one...... a Pokemon with 1 or 2 Weaknesses is your best bet to be honest, like Scizor, Rotom-Wash or Gastrodon, or one of the many bulky Normal types (not alot of greninjas run fighting moves)
Scizor might be your best bet since it's only weak to fire and it is a physical attacker (Greninja has a low Defense stat)

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approximately 20% of greninjas run grass knot, making rotom-W and gastrodon unreliable. 13% run Hidden power fire
rotom-w takes almost no damage from grass knot because of how light it is. It takes like 20% and I'd know becuz I've seen it. Hp grass is more threatening to rotom-w IMO
And that makes Rotom-W a good check (at least) to Greninja. What Greninja runs HP Grass anyway over HP Fire or other more powerful coverage moves.

Grass Knot does laughable damage to Rotom-W, Greninja might as well use Dark Pulse when it's forced to deal with Rotom-W.