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Ok, in my understanding you get hidden abilities by sending Pokemon to the dream world. But couldn't you only get to the dream world in Unova?

Please correct me if I'm wrong 'cause I really need Protean.

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In Unova , Dream World is not the only way .
Hi Sceptile. There's also the Hidden Grotto in B2W2 actually.
Hi Waterninja. Without being able to friend safaris, I would suggest just trying your luck out on GTS. Put up a "rare" Pokemon you can get/breed (Beldum is my favorite, though Kangaskhan or Gen 2-5 starters are pretty OK) for a Frokaie, repeat until you get a Protean one. Another is you can just luck out on Wonder Trade. I know I get a lot of Froakies there and I don't even want them since I already have my comptitive Greninja ready. Some of the wonder trade Froakies turn out to be Protean.

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In Pokemon X and Y, the only way to get a hidden ability Pokemon is by capturing one in the Friend Safari or in Horde encounters.

The Friend Safari is the better option because you have a much higher chance of actually finding a hidden ability Pokeomon than you do in horde encounters (in hordes you have a puny 5% chance of finding a hidden ability Pokemon), but some Pokemon can only be found in the Friend Safari, Some can only be found in hordes and some...in neither.

The third option is to transfer a hidden ability Pokemon from a generation 5 game.

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-You can either trade with someone
- or breed - But I am guessing you don't have a Protean Pokemon
-or via Friend Safari

But does Froakie evolution set even exist in friend safari?