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-Mount Silver and Red
-Battle Frontier
-Rock climbing
-Safari Zone block placing
-A Whole new region
- Legends
- 8 more gyms

- Kiloude
- Super Training
- Legends
- Looker questline

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Nintendo can answer this for you :). Nintendo may have rushed with the game to get it completed early, because they already set a release date on an exact day. They might've ran out out of time when Oct. 12th came, so they might've just slapped on some quick post-game storylinez to finish it up. Also, HG & SS were remakes of Gen 2. The Gen 2 games had more adventure then the Gen 1 games. I guess they wanted the Gen 2 games to be "special". Come on, seriously. The Gen 2 remakes had lots of post-game things to do. And remember, HG & SS were remakes. Remakes will include more adventure to the games then the original ones. This is what I think. Hope this helps!

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