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I'm about to battle Rayquaza in Pokemon Sapphire and I don't have a Master Ball because I missed it in the Team Aqua Hideout. So I was wondering how powerful Aurora Beam would be with the NeverMeltIce, STAB, and x4 super effective. I'm just so confused with the whole thing so someone please help me. (Aurora Beam's base power is 65 btw)

which pokemon is using it?
yeah, we need to know this.
Im pretty sure he just means base power
and level, too.
i think he meant how much damage it would do to a lvl 70 rayquaza, cause i think he wants to catch it
Yeah, but what level is the Pokemon that is using it?
i gave him an example, he might be using something else at some other level tho
Walrein, lvl. 52

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base power:

65 (Base power) x 1.5 (STAB) x 1.2 (NeverMeltIce) x 4 (weakness) = 468

actuall damage

this is just circa as we don't know your EVs or IVs, but lets say 84 EVs (average) and 0 IVs under circumstances already stated= 64.5% - 77.4%

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I wouldn't assume 0 ivs, considering he doesn't want to kill it. I would play it safe and assume at least 15 ivs, whatever that amounts to.
Don't do the percentage, but the actual calculations. And what circumstances?
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Maths With Torterra!

Normal Aurora Beam


Aurora Beam + NeverMeltIce (Aurora Beam +20%)


Aurora Beam + NeverMeltIce + STAB (Aurora Beam + 20% + 50%)


Aurora Beam + NeverMeltIce + STAB + Super-Effectiveness (Aurora Beam + 20% + 50% x4)


Answer: 468

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It depend on which Pokemon is using it, and what it's level is.

Say if you're Pokemon is Dewgong at 70 lvl, it's a clean kill, but if it's 64 lvl instead, it barely misses taking it out at 252 sp.atk investment.

EDIT: If you're Pokemon is a Walrein at lvl 52, and if you have 0 investment in special attack, it would do just above half to a lvl 70 Rayquaza. However this also means two hits is a sure knock out.

Hope I helped!

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