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Well, normally it has a type so it can but its power is indeterminated and the user doesn't use something ''special of the dark type'' he just throw an item...

Maybe it can if your pokemon is dark type. The item may not be dark, but the move used to throw it was. Go dark potion, attack!!! ;)
Yes, it's a Dark-Type, the maxmum power of Fling is 130, and when used by a Dark-Type Pokemon, it gains STAB, and it becomes 195 for one time use only.

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If you use any Dark type pokemon (i recommend weavile) with an iron Ball, the power will be 130 plus STAB
but you need to use it right away because holding the iron ball cuts your speed, but it is the best item that you can "fling"

Problem is, you can only use it once...
well that's pretty obvius, maybe you can launch a boomerang
Uhhh why Weavile? it cuts his speed which is really bad for him. Good users of fling are Pokemon like Tyranitar or Rampardos.
that's exactly the point,so the faster pokemon ( weavile in this case) finishes the job quickly,and then regains speed.A slow pokemon PROBABLY may get OHKO'ed before even using fling.
Weavile has such an incredible speed, that in cases, it may still go first (40% chance, approx.)
Speed is saying that wevile is not a good choice becauses it is easyly KOd due to terrible def and iron ball cuts speed where as tyranitar is slow great atk and good def spdef and hp so is not easly KOd
yeah, it's 195 Base power STAB included too!  No wonder it's a one-shot deal!