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How does the game generate Pokemon's information ?

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Basically : How does the game decide if my Charmander is Jolly or something ?

If possible is there proof ?

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It's just picked at random, hope I helped!
Proof ?
Its not solid though...
Is there a particular way its chosen "randomly" ?
Also you know that people soft reset when they're looking for the right nature or shinyness or something
Yes but I have theory it revolves round in a certain order and before I waste time experimenting I want to check if there is solid evidential proof like. ..GF actually stating it.
Wow, I've always wondered this. I guess I just didn't ask it lol. My as well up-vote since I am wondering the same thing. Till then...I WILL FIND OUT!

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The game uses a type of pseudo-random number generator, or an RNG.

"A pseudorandwhat? Are you talking dumb again Scraf?" -Sempiternus

A pseudo-random number generator is a random number generator that starts with a base number, or a seed, and generates numbers off of that. Nothing can be truly random, and computers are no exception.

For example, say we throw Sempiternus off of a building. How many bones will be broken isn't a random number, but relies of factors such as the height of the building, how fast he approches the ground, how he lands on the ground, what he lands on, etc. Thus, this is not truly random.

Anyhow, the game generates a seed (Emerald starts at 0, Gen IV games start with a number determined by the Nintendo DS's date, time, and delay between starting the game and pressing "Continue", and games since then start with a number determined by the Nintendo DS's date, time, keys currently pressed, and other small data bites) and then "randomly" generates numbers off of that seed to determine the following:

  • Individual Values
  • Personality Values (Ability, Nature, Shininess, Gender)
  • Wild Pokemon Species
  • Lottery Number
  • If an egg will be available or not in the Pokemon Day Care

Since this is not fully random, you can abuse the generator to obtain Pokemon with high IVs, shiny Pokemon, or have a winning lottery number.


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0_0 Thanks  I liked the "abuse the generator " bit :P