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I know Combee does, do any others?

Nice question dude

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This is a list of all the Pokemon that have the ability pick up

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Okay, thanks!
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What do you MEAN just by that?
Or do you mean a certain ability that MAKES then pickup items?
Combee's Ability make him PICKUP honey, not generate.
//Well sorry if this wasn't a great answer, but be more specific next time.//

in gen 2 shuckle changes berry juice into rare candies so maybe not just by abilities
I didn't know Shuckle was a candy maker!
He owns a candy store, da da da. Give your shuckle a berry juice and it'll transform into rare candy! Sadly it's only in gen2 and takes forever and i don't think it always works...
So, he generates rare candies, but he might not?
*Says sarcastically* That makes sense.