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If yes, then how rare is each one? Please don't question my curiosity.

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Unfortunately, I am unaware of that. In your question and description, you simply asked if these items had rarities, not the percentages or exact definitions of what they meant. Through the sources I have looked through in combination with my personal experience in Sinnoh, these rarities do seem accurate by wording and general meaning. My apologies if I didn't provide satisfactory information.
If you don't know what "common" and "rare" mean, then I don't know either. Answering, "how rare are they?" by saying "rare" is like answering, "what time is it?" by saying "late". It's not my fault you spent about 15 minutes typing an answer that contains no information.
I also asked, "how rare is each one?" And you said something like, "uncommon" or "rare" for each one. That's like answering, "what time is it?" by saying "late".
Can you do me a favor by either hiding this answer or converting it into a comment? That way this question goes back to the unanswered list and someone who knows the answer might find it.
Will do!
Thanks, I guess.

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I wont question your curiosity but you are quite picky but I finally looged back in many sundays and a thursday later found this in my updates and decided to answer it.(I actually answered it a while ago I just forgot to take this from the other document and paste it here). So here it is:
First of all to clarify the ID# number thing is a myth. doesn't exist wouldn't be fair if everyone didn't have equal chances. and I'll spare you the values (more like me since I have to handcopy because it is illegal to copy straight out of the sourcecode).but heres the percentages hope this is what your looking for....

Very Rare:5.3%

the values shouldn't matter to much anyway wouldn't changes the percents that's what your after right? So I hoped this helped if this isn't what you want if you want themvalues and the decimals on the percentages well I don't know what to tell you this was pre written and that copy of the game is in the proccess of being rewritten to my liking. so I can't find those anyways. But I hoped this helped!

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Did you really ROM hack to answer this question?
Sometimes you have to hack to answer to certain questions
No I looked at the source code and decrypted it (they used a variation of python back then). But  I'm ROM hacking right know so I can rewrite Pearl To Goat and all that good stuff.No it's probaly one of the easiest ones I've done I remember Rom hacking  Moon to find out Poke pelago bean rarities and percentages because It was to cryptic for me to do it any other way luckily I've learned how to fix ROM hacking so I can know do it and it won't be permanent so I'm not to worried about it,