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So I recently started iv training Pokemon and I understand it but I have a question for it right now I have a magnemite with perfect ivs in def and sp def and working on geting hp with a dittio with perfect ivs in hp def and sdef. My question is this one my magnemite gets the hp ivs I want to get it ivs in special attack since I have no 4 ivs dittos I have to breed it with a ditto that is like sp attack sp defence. Im wondering will I need to give both Pokemon destiny knots so that the baby gets all the ivs or can I just give thedestiny knot to the spatt ditto and the baby will still have all the ivs feom the manemite along with gaining ivs in.sp att


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It's not necessary. Just give one of your Pokemon a destiny knot and it should gain five random IVs from both parents put together.
What most people do it give one an Everstone and the other the Destiny Knot, so that they guarantee the nature and get good IVs as well.

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