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All I know is Exeggutor (But does not really de-evolve in the game)
And Groudon and Kyogre Which de-evolves like a mega evolution
Are there any other Pokemon that can de-evolve

P.S. Does not have to Actually De-Evolve in the game


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According to here and other information, here are the Pokemon that devolve and the means by which they do:

  • Slowbro. If the Shellder falls off, it turns back into Slowpoke.
  • Exeggutor. If the eggs fall off, they turn into Exeggute.
  • Kyogre. Prehistoric de-volution in OR and AS.
  • Groudon. Prehistoric de-volution in OR and AS.
  • Eevee. Through unnatural means, in Pokemon Adventures, an Eevee modified by Team Rocket can devolve and re-evolve into any of its forms.

Oh, and here's a kicker: Any Evolved Pokemon.

Although uncommon, in the Pokemon Pocket Monsters manga, the TCG through moves like Mew's Devolution beam, and PMD: Gates to Infinity which introduced the Devolve Orb, any fully evolved Pokemon can devolve back into their original forms. However, these items/moves/instances are very rare.

Pokemon that can cause Devolution in the TCG:

Wizard's Black Star Mew - Devolution Beam
Rising Rivals Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon - Undevelop PokePower
EX Holon Phantoms Mew ex - Devo Crush
Unleashed Jirachi - Time Hollow
Dragon's Exalted Golurk - Devolution Punch

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The eggs that fell turn to Exeggute not the whole Exeggutor
"If the eggs fall off, they turn into Exeggute."
Had no idea about any of this. o_o