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This can mean in terms of BST, but also factors that make Pokemon less usable such as a worse typing, ability or other factor that hinders the Pokemon when compared to its previous form.

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What do you mean by weaker? Smaller Atk or Sp Atk stat? or is the non evolved form better competitively?
Safe to say no Pokemon has a higher BST than its evolution. However in some instances it could be possible that a Pokemon can be more viable in competitive than it evolution, due to typing or ability etc.
Terlor, AHEM, Shedinja.
I decided to edit this one a bit. I think we can make it a bit broader than BST, as was the focus of the two other threads -- the answer below already does this. Let me know this isn't okay. Thanks for flagging.
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By weaker I mean some stats drop

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Technically, Shedinja has a lower stat total than Nincada, but I think it's still useful. Scizor isn't necessarily weaker than Scyther, but it has the same base stat total, making Scyther a popular not-fully-evolved Pokemon. Other Pokémon like Slaking, Chansey, Type: Null, and many more can be argued to be worse than their pre-evolutions, but not in base stat total. This makes Shedinja the one-and-only special Pokémon to be "worse" than its evolution in stats.
Source: Pokemon DB

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There is also Chansey, which is distinctly better than Blissey due to Eviolite as per your other examples.
(Cross Choping Machamps will always kill Chansey. Oof.)
I hate chansey
Who gave you the idea that Raichu's worse than its pre-evolution? It's used on almost 90% of electric Monotype teams.
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These Pokemon have at least one stat that's lower than its pre-evolution's stat.

metapod, metapod, butterfree, kakuna, kakuna, beedrill, poliwrath, politoed, magnezone, steelix, tangrowth, scizor, electivire, magmortar, porygonz, porygonz, honchkrow, octillery, silcoon, silcoon, silcoon, beautifly, cascoon, cascoon, cascoon, nuzleaf, pelipper, ninjask, shedinja, shedinja, vibrava, armaldo, salamence, vespiquen, leavanny, whirlipede, scolipede, scolipede, crustle, escavalier, eelektrik, accelgor, accelgor, volcarona, spewpa, spewpa, vivillon, aegislash, incineroar, toucannon, charjabug, vikavolt, vikavolt, crabominable, toxapex, mudsdale, golisopod, solgaleo, solgaleo, lunala, lunala

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