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I know the guys at showdown keep usage statistics for Pokemon by tier and stats of the moves individual Pokemon use, but do they keep data on what life's are most common overall?

I would imagine the most common move is stealth rock or something along those lines

This question won't be answered for a while...
Probably Earthquake
^ lol.
How about What is the most common move for each type. That will be easier to answer
This kinda depends on the tier.

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Before proceeding anymore a few disclaimers:
>The metagame for X/Y is still forming, there's no guarantee which move will becom popular when. Like earlier, Boomburst Exploud/Chatot/Noivern were uncommon, but now they have become noticeably commoner.

>I depends on the tier, each tier has different popular moves, like Geomancy being popular in Ubers but almost non-existant in OU.

Most of this is personal opinion, which can vary from person to person.

Here we gooo:

Water: Hydro Pump/Surf/Scald/Aqua Jet

Poison: Toxic

Ground: Earthquake

Dark: Knock Off

Rock: Stealth Rock/Stone Edge

Dragon: Dragon Dance/Dragon Claw

Flying: Brave Bird/Roost/Tailwind (I think)

Electric: Thunder Wave/ Thunderbolt

Grass: Sleep Powder/Giga Drain/Leaf Storm

Ice: Ice Shard/Ice Beam

Fighting: Superpower/Drain Punch/Close Combat

Psychic: Psychic/Psyshock/Calm Mind

Fire: Will-O-Wisp/Flamethrower

Bug: Sticky Web/Bug Buzz

Ghost: Shadow Sneak/Shadow Ball/Shadow Claw

Steel: Bullet Punch/Iron Head

Fairy: Play Rough/Dazzling Gleam

Normal: Swords Dance/Baton Pass/Shell Smash/Extremespeed/Substitute/Wish/Protect

Source: Experience
Hope I helped!

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mamoswine ^
that's common
Yeah Mamo too :P
Still, you have like 4 users of that

Ice Beam is most common Ice move by far, with Haze being quite common upper ladder before BP Nerf actually.
Name a few prominent pokemon that use Ice Beam, I don't know too many: Greninja might be the most common, but Mamoswine is also quite common, though not as much.
Deoxys-S, Greninja, Kyurem-B, Manaphy are the main ones in OU. Some Specially-based/Mix Tyranitars may also run Ice Beam
If you look at other tiers (Because like Weavile and Donphan are not ou either >.>), Kyogre in Ubers, anything like Kingdra, Articuno, occasionally Mega-Blastoise, Goodra, Clawitzer, Ludicolo etc. in the lower tiers will almost always run it.
Still I thought Ice Shard should get a mention, it's reasonably common, maybe not as much as Ice Beam, but yeah it is common as well.