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I don't understand why Dark Pulse is listed as a "usable move" for Weavile when it has such an abysmal SpA stat.

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Where did you see this?
for each pokemon, there are moves which are listed as useful
nu specs weavile is best imo

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The "usable moves" list is basically a list of moves this Pokemon can learn that are commonly used in competitive battling, not necessarily by that Pokemon. (those moves are determined by Smogon.)

I don't think I can expand further on the subject, hope I helped.

Source - I r dumbz. Scraf's dumber tho. c;

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I'm not sure the source is trustworthy XD Had to pull that on you terlor
Ok you said to give a better source...MY brain!
Good answer.  Your source might be more credible than mine lol