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Where to find prism scale in X?

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I have a febass and I want to evolve it but I have no idea where to find one. Please help!!!

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That is a YouTube video that tells you exactly where to go to find a prism scale. It's in couriway town near that waterfall area. You might not even need to watch that if you use a downsing machine near that location.

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thanks :)
Can you only get 1?
''It can also be found as a hidden item in Pokémon X and Y in Couriway Town. It is located at the single grass tile surrounded by tiles of shallow water in the area behind the man who sells fresh water (10 tiles behind and 2 right of the man). The preferable way to find this would be to use the Dowsing Machine given to the player earlier in the game. Another way to get a Prism Scale in X and Y is to go into the building across from Café Ultimo in Lumiose City, go up to the fourth floor, and talk to the fairy tale girl while wearing an outfit of her liking.''

No you can get 2 :)