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Well its the last question about my team .
since I loggd in the 1st time to this site I allready lernd a lot of new stuf about pokemon like ev training natures etc .
but the last thing I have to know is what a tank and a wall are and what is the defrence ?
and I got a builded team but im not sure what is the part of every pokemon.
i got some of the ev training to some pokemon but I need more ev training tips :

charizard-mix sweeper rash\mild nature
ev's: speed attack and sp attack

starmie-special sweeper timid nature
ev's:252 sp attack 252 speed 4 sp defence (thanks to swampert)

umbreon-special\physical wall (i think) carefull nature
ev's:252 sp defence 100 attack 152 defence (thanks to swampert)

torretera-tank admant nature
ev's:(i think) 252 attack 100 defence 152 sp defence

forretress-staller (i think) carefull nature
ev's:(i think) 252 defence 252 sp defence 4 hp

electivire-physical sweeper jolly nature
ev's:(i think) 252 attack 252 speed 4 hp

the rest ev's that I dident wrote I just don't know how to divide them

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You have a team with great potential to be some hybrid of sweeping and wallbreaking.

Open with Foretress, set up Rocks, Sandstorm, or whatever, and explode out or switch. Depending on the current enemy, send in Starmie or Charizard to sweep. Eventually, this will likely lure and Electric-type to come out and KO one of them. This is where Electivire comes in.

Switch Vire in on an Electric-type attack, and activate Motor Drive. Continue with the sweep. From here, one or two Pokemon will be fainted, so continue to switch between your attackers and KO opponents. Explode with Fortress to break walls, and use Umbreon to break down an enemy.

By now you'll have killed off five Pokemon (on average), So use whatever's left to go all-out and win.

The free turn you get for Electivire, Umbreon's stalling, and Foretress' hazards and exploding are important parts of this strategy. Use or modify as you see fit!


To answer your question regarding your Pokemon's roles:

Charizard - Could be a mixed sweeper or Special sweeper, meaning it can attack with Special attacks purely or Special and Physical attacks.

Starmie - Special Sweeper through and through.

Umbreon - Stall / Wall, because of his Defenses and ability to survive.

Torterra - Physical Tank, since it's got HP, along with good Physical stats (Atack / Defense).

Forretress - Lead; best to begin with Forretress. It can set up Sandstorm or Stealth Rock from the beginning to hinder the opponent.

Electivire - Mixed Sweeper. One Motor Drive Boost makes it great for attacking with both Physical moves like Cross Chop, and Special moves like Thunderbolt.

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[email protected] Orb
-Fire Blast
-Brick Break
-Air Slash

Mixzard is definitely a one and dead deal. Quite simply put, it isn't bulky enough to survive much of anything especially with all of its weaknesses. I would recommend you switch to lead infernape which performs much better

[email protected] Orb
-Ice Beam
-Psychic/Grass Knot

Starmie is a great special sweeper that out speeds the majority of unscarfed pokemon in ou. It's major weakness is scarf tyranitar.

[email protected]
Sassy nature [+Sp. Def, -Speed]
-Moonlight/ Wish

This set is pretty self explanatory. Curse a couple times to build up your bulk, than depending on the situation use toxic moonlight or Payback.

[email protected] Orb
-Rock Polish
-Wood Hammer
-Stone Edge

The problem with torterra is that there aren't a lot of pokemon that wont be able to OHKO or 2KO it, especially with the abundance of priotiy moves that it's weak to i.e. ice shard. I would recommend Dragonite in it's place which has some pokes that are afraid of it and is bulky enough to take an ice shard.

[email protected]
-Toxic spikes
-Stealth Rock

Foretress sets **** up, nothing more nothing less, oh wait it explodes. It's kind of a take it or leave it pokemon. that 4x fire weakness isn't necessarily nice though.

[email protected] Orb
-thunder punch
-Ice punch
-cross Chop

This set hit 13 of the 17 types for super effective damage. The oly problem you might have are bulky steel particularly if they aren't hi by Eartquake i.e. Skarmory and bronzong.

Oh and just for clarification

[email protected] Sash
-Fake Out
-Stealth Rock
-Fire Blast
-Close Combat

[email protected] Orb or Leftovers
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw/Outrage

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He asked for a battle strategy he could make with the team he had, not for an overhaul and given strategy of his team.

Scarf Tyranitar? calculating an exact number of move advantages? Charizard sucks? Go back to Smogon.
Will, thank you!