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I once accepted a mission in the guild's board which is more of a rescue mission. It says: "I am alone. Where am I? Help me!" and it came from a caterpie. Its location is the beach cave. Crazy or not, I went there.

Here's the tricky part. When I reached the floor, the message log said: "You've reached the destination floor. But where is the target ?(caterpie) Well I explored the whole floor but no caterpie. I walked some more then there was wind brewing and the message log said, "Something stirring.." I had no idea what that meant so I walked some more. There goes the wind again and the message log said: "Something's coming." I grew suspicious of what's going on so I walked some more hoping to find caterpie. There goes the wind again, the message log said: "It's coming closer!" I felt weird and positive that something's going to happen soon. So, I walked again. I walked and walked then the wind blew and message log said, "It's close. It's right in front of you!" After that, my user fainted.
Any tips?

if you stay on the same floor for to long it will say something like that... until you get wiped out of the dungeon.
You probably saw caterpie already but thought it was a wild caterpie
There's not wild caterpie in beach cave
She could still have missed it though

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The only possible explanation is that the game glitched and Caterpie didnt spawn in the dungeon, or you read the mission objective wrong.
The wind thing happens if you stay on the same floor for too long.
You can leave the dungeon and come back, maybe it will spawn then? if it doesnt just delete the quest, no biggy.

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I think it just spawns near you when your at the destination level
and i think it glitched and didnt spawn, that's my point.
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There is just a random chance that your target won't spawn and you have to try the mission again.