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Really, Thunder Wave is pretty much the only paralysis move that won't affect Ground types.  Glare and flinging a Light Ball will.

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Ground type Pokemon can be paralyzed but eletric moves dont have effects on ground types.

And YES, flinging a light ball to a ground type Pokemon can paralyze the opponent and give 30 damage attack.

So I think it works.
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Can holding the Light Ball (Pikachu's item) and using Fling paralyse a
Ground-type Pokemon?

The title pretty much has all the detail I want to know.

Accepted Answer From: giratinaaltered 3 months ago

Nope. Pretty much the same logic when you Fling a Toxic Orb to a
Poison- or Steel-type or a Flame Orb to a Fire-type.

No, according to the above.

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Edit: I am sorry I tested it in game and found that Light Ball can paralyse Ground type Pokemon. So I was incorrect and ShinyFire was correct.

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Ground type can be paralyzed if you use a move like Force Palm, this should work.
Yeah, but that's because moves like Body Slam paralyze the target with the power and pressure of the attack, but Light Ball has elecrtic qualities. And like in the source Toxic Orb can't poison Steel type pokemon.
Toxic Orb doesn't poison Steel Pokemon because they have a full immunity to it. Ground Pokemon don't have an immunity to paralysis, so flinging a Light Ball should paralyse. I don't think its concept or design has any effect on this.
I don't think some random guy from a gaming forum is an entirely reliable source tbh.
I guess, it wasthe closest thing to confirmation I could find.