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Because I was going to use yawn/hypnosis and dream eater for my team.Hypnosis for gengar,yawn for espeon.Which one would be better for this strategy.It would be very helpful if you could post an answer as soon as possible
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Ok here's a look at the possibilities: Espeon's Yawn has the accuracy of 100% while Gengar's Hypnosis has the accuracy of 60%. Yawn takes two turns before activation, so a switch out may occur, while with Gengar you MAY miss and risk fainting hhim rendering your strategy a fail.

My Recommendation:
1. Use this strategy in a double battle.
2. Use Gengar's Dream Eater w/ Mega Evolution (For extra power) + Amoongus'/ Breloom's Spore for a 100% chance. (But watch out for the ability Overcoat, other Grass types, and also Safety Goggles can nullify Spore) Breloom would be better offensively than Amoongus, but here's a strategy you could use. :)

Hope I've Helped

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I would do gengar. Gengar is faster and hypnosis hits the 1st turn. True it only has 60% chance to hit, but you can use it twice in the time yawn will put to sleep, so you have a 120% chance to hit in theory. It is a little more risky, but worth it in my opinion. Hope this helps!

I don't think the percentages would be stacked like that. You'd have to divide it by two to bring it down to 100 or below again, probably.
Yeah, Probability can't be stacked like that
The probability of missing would be 4/10 x 4/10 = 16/100
So the percentage chance of it hitting one of those turns would be 84%
not to mention gengar is frail and will probably not live for the second turn