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If you didn't get it, I mean the greatest amount of bonus/base power, like fire type moves have x 5 against Dry Skin Parasects. You must include:

  1. STAB
  2. Super effectiveness
  3. Abilities( if they affect power)
  4. Items
  5. The attacking move
  6. The attacking Pokemon
  7. The defending Pokemon

PS: Don't include any boosts like bulk up

nothing is more than x4 to Flying Press and Trick-or-Treat is no good, since Ghost is only weak to Ghost and Dark and Ghost is only SE against Ghost.
im actually stumped here, the x5 on Parasect might be the most effctive an attack can be

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Best I can come up with so far:

Victini in triple battle, inherits Pure Power from using Skill Swap, holding Metronome, after using Flame Charge 5 times, with one ally that has Flower Gift ability, both allies using Helping Hand on the same turn, during harsh sunlight, against Scizor with Dry Skin ability affected by Forest's Curse.

Type: 2x2=4
Forest's Curse: 4x2=8
Pure Power: 8x2=16
Metronome: 16x2=32
Flower Gift: 32x1.5=48
Helping Hand: 48x1.5x1.5=72x1.5=108
Sunlight: 108x1.5=162
Dry Skin: 162x1.25=202.5
And finally, STAB: 202.5x1.5=303.75

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Forest's Curse to the rescue!

  • A Scizor with Forest's Curse taking a Flamethrower to tha face from Numel. (x6 Super Effective + STAB)

  • A Weavile with Forest's Curse taking a Flying Press to tha face from Hawlucha. (x6 Super Effective + STAB)

  • A Malamar with Forest's Curse taking a Bug Bite to tha face from Spewpa. (x6 Super Effective + STAB)

  • A Garchomp with Forest's Curse taking an Ice Beam to tha face from Snorunt. (x6 Super Effective + STAB)

  • A Landorus with Forest's Curse taking an Ice Beam to tha face from Snorunt. (x6 Super Effective + STAB)

  • An Altaria with Forest's Curse taking an Ice Beam to tha face from Snorunt. (x6 Super Effective + STAB)

  • A Heracross with Forest's Curse taking a Peck to tha face from Spearow. (x6 Super Effective + STAB)

If I think of anything else, I'll edit it in

Massive props to Sir_Mudkip and Sempi for helping me out!

Counting hacks and such, this is the most boost you can have on a move

  • A Scizor with Forest's Curse and the ability Dry Skin taking a Flamethrower to tha face from Numel (x7.5 Super Effective + STAB)

Please note that any Pokémon with the same typing will also have the same damage. Eg. Escavalier or Dragonite.

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Why not Fire Blast instead of Flamethrower?
Irrelevant, it could even be an ember from a level 6 Chimchar, the boost stays the same.
Awsome answer, When I thought someone was gonna answer this I thought they were gonna have adaptability
Yeah. I did pretty good.
I believe you need a lesson in mathematics. Scizor with additional Grass type courtesy of Forest's Curse makes its typing (BUG/STE/GRA). The effectiveness multiplies, meaning it has an 8x weakness (2x2x2) rather than a 6x weakness (2+2+2). Adding the Dry Skin ability means an additional 25% (8x1.25=10) and if the attack hits during sunlight, the damage increases by an additional 50% (10x1.5=15). PLUS. STAB.

Numel uses Fire Blast on Scizor (Dry Skin) with Forest's Curse during harsh sunlight. (15x effective plus STAB)
Now, if you want to factor in STAB, abilities and items

Infernape with Iron Fist (Choice Band) uses Fire Punch on Scizor with Dry Skin (Forest's Curse) during harsh sunlight:
Type (2x2=4) FC (4x2=8) STAB (8x1.5=12) Iron Fist (12x1.2=14.4) Choice (14.4x1.5=21.6) Sun (21.6x1.5=32.4)
For a grand total of 32.4x damage.
Ignoring stat boosts and critical hits.
In the first few examples, shouldn't it be 8x? Or is it 6x? I always thought it was 8x. Thanks.
As I stated above, the effectiveness should MULTIPLY. If an attack deals double damage to 2 types of a corresponding dual-type, eg Brick Break against Bisharp (STE/DAR), the power is doubled twice (4x effective), whereas if an attack is super effective against one of a Pokémon's types but neutral to the other, eg Waterfall against Excadrill (GRO/STE), the attack is 2x effective, not 3x effective. 2x1=2, not 2+1=3. In the rare case of a triple weakness as used in these examples, the type effectiveness is 2x2x2 or 2*3, a neutral effectiveness of 1x is essentially doubled three times. In contrast, using an Ice type attack on Dewgong (WAT/ICE) with the ability Thick Fat is 1/8x effective. The math here is 0.5x0.5x0.5 or 1/2*3.