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Basically, my friend and I are making a competitive Pokemon team and I'm making a support Smeargle. I just need to get him Quick Attack because his ability Technician + STAB and priority makes it pretty good.
So if you know where a wild Pokemon is that already knows Quick Attack for me to Sketch, I'd really appreciate it.

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Which game are you playing?
the question shows '' pokemon Y '' but he forget put in tags xD
Wait, it said Pokemon Y? I could have sworn it wasn't there when I saw it. o_o

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Pokemon in starting Routes usually have Quick attack.

>When encountered, a wild Pokémon's moveset will consist of the most recent four moves its species learns by level-up

That being said, Quick attack is a fairly common move learned at lower levels, so it should be easy to find one that knows it.

You can look for a Fletchling, Bunnelby or Pidgey on Route 2, or you can find any of those and a Pikachu in the forest just ahead of Route 2.

For example: Fletchling learns it at level 6. Considering that on the first route Pokemon are mostly from level 2-5 it should have it every time.

Hope I helped.

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