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If I can't which ones will be available?

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I can tell you right now that there are more unavailable than available. By a massive margin.
I changed your question to asking for available for the further details bit because of this.
It achieves the same purpose and it is much easier for the answerer.
nah it's fine, I'm just curious which ones are available and which aren't
Its not released in North America yet, but I can presume all mascot pokemon. Also Meowth and other publicly loved pokemon.

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In the English trailer there are several lines that point to the ability that all Pokèmon should be able to be drawn in Free Paint Mode. Such as, "Draw your favorite Pokèmon and make them come to life." So with Free Paint Mode you should be able to draw whichever Pokèmon you decide.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqyIO1boEi8

Hope I've helped!

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