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I was just reading about the daily drawing prizes at the department store (separate to the lottery draw).

It seems they vary by day, with the 2nd prizes being a different poke ball. What are all the prizes?

related to an answer for: What are the lottery prizes?
Ha, forgot I answered that related question on the top prizes ---->
Pokemaster asking a question? Hasn't happened in a while.
I know, and it was a bit dumb of me since I already had a third of the answer (the balls), and another third is in the related question :s

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OK I compiled everything into one list to make things easier:

1: TM65 Shadow Claw
2: Nest Ball
3: Cheri Berry

1: TM91 Flash Cannon
2: Repeat Ball
3: Chesto Berry

1: TM57 Charge Beam
2: Net Ball
3: Oran Berry

1: TM60 Drain Punch
2: Net Ball
3: Pecha Berry

1: TM42 Facade
2: Dusk Ball
3: Persim Berry

1: TM62 Silver Wind
2: Timer Ball
3: Rawst Berry

1: TM02 Dragon Claw
2: Luxury Ball
3: Aspear Berry

Right except for one thing (I think) you can get all these berries everyday, not just on one of the days (I think.)
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I Asked this question already a long time ago. Stand by and ill give you the link in my edited answer.

EDIT: here: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/1474/what-prize-the-daily-lottery-drawing-heartgold-soulsilver