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Which method has better odds of geting a shiny Pokemon? Masuda method or running around in the friend safari?

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I heard its a 1/4109 chance in the safari but it hasn't been proven.
1/10?! no.
There is no way it's 1/10 I got 5 shinies from fs out of 100 different safaris
Sorry it was a bad website it was a forum post on gamefaq

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When using the Masuda method you have a 1/1024 of finding a shiny.
Pokemon found in the Friend Safari have higher chance of being shiny however it hasnt been confirmed how higher (higher than normal wild encounters, not the Masuda Method :P).

The exact rates at which the previous five techniques increase the Shiny probability have not yet been conclusively determined.

So to answer your question, we dont know yet, although based on fan experiments it is believed to be a 1/600 or so chance, which is more than the Masuda Method.

Source and source.

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