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I have Pokemon Y and for a while I could go online and battle and use the GTS with people around the world - but now it says I need to buy an updated version from Nintendo E Shop. Also, I have updated the system. So I tried to download and it says I need a Club Nintendo account, so I created one. However, it said on Nintendo E Shop that the password or E-mail address was wrong! I've talked to other people and they said they didn't have to buy anything! I really want the online back. Please help me.

MightyMudkip :)

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I had a friend who had this problem, if it is
1: It requires a$0 .99 charge for the first time, then the way around it is to go to miiverse 1st and it will let you go on for free.
2: You didn't confirm your email. You need to confirm your email 1st before you can activate your club Nintendo account.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks! Can't remember if I did confirm my E-mail but I probably didn't. I will go create a Nintendo Club account now. :)