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If a Pokemon is holding a revive in battle and it fainted, will it be revived?


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No, that would not work at all.

>Any other type of item may be held, but Potions, Revives, herbal medicine, status condition healing items, Ethers, Vitamins, Rare Candies, TMs, evolutionary stones (except the Everstone), Fossils, Repels, escape items, battle items, valuable items, exchangeable items, Apricorns, Mulch, Flutes, and Wings have no effect apart from use via Fling. - Bulbapedia

Imagine how simple the game would be with this. Game Freak aren't going to make the game that easy.

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It would be cool if there was an ability that pokemon like Chansey and Audino could use that they could use healing items on others in need. They are healing pokemon in the anime, it makes sense. :)
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no it will not

Why is this guys answer down voted? He may not have went into detail and explained it but he's not technically wrong :s