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I've heard on some groups on Facebook that Diancie has been released, is this true? Because I haven't seen it on Serebii yet and if it has not been released then was any information given to whether it might be released?


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Diancie has been released in Japan but no further information has been released about the Diancie event in other countries.

Diancie comes at level 50 and is holding a normal gem. It's moves are:
Diamond Storm,
and Return.
It is a Rock/Fairy type and it's ability is Clear Body.
So the answer is, kind of. It has only been released in Japan.

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Japan get everything ,soo unfair.But well I ges they made the games after all :P
I know! They have everything first! But you're right they created the game. :)
I can't believe they got a shiny jirachi, so unfair
The got shiny jirachi on generation 6 or generation 5
Shiny jirachi is gen 6 it knows moonblast