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I mean, just look at it

It's made of freaking gems! It would make perfect sense if it gets it. But it doesn't. That makes no sense :P

i bet in oras it will get power gem back

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There isn't really an explanation for this.

Power Gem is notable for being exclusive to Pokémon with designs that incorporate gemlike features, thus being distributed among Pokémon independent of type. Despite this Diancie is unable to learn Power Gem for unknown reasons.

What I find most shocking is that Carbink can learn it, yet Diancie can't for some reason, especially considering that:

>Diancie is born from a Carbink that undergoes a mutation. It can instantly create diamonds by compressing the carbon in the air; these diamonds can then be used to defend itself.

The reason why Diancie doesn't get Power Gem could be because Diancie got Diamond Storm as it's signature move, which is a more powerful, STAB Rock type move.

What's strange is that despite not being able to learn Power Gem, Diancie has been seen using Power Gem on the Pokémon X and Y official website inside a cave.

>Despite not being able to learn it, Diancie is seen using Power Gem on X and Y's official website.

However this turned out to be Diancie actually using Nature Power, as Nature Power becomes Power Gem when used inside a cave in Generation VI. (Credit to user Shaishai8 for pointing that out to me.)

Here is the image of Diancie using Power Gem through Nature Power on the Pokémon X and Y official website:

Diancie using Power Gem through Nature Power.


Game Freak Logic!


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This is Diancie using Nature Power inside a cave, that is how it is using Power Gem
Ah, I see. Thanks for pointing that out, if you don't mind I'll edit your comment into my answer and give you credit. Also while I'm doing that I think I'll replace the image that's broken.
but diamond storm is physical, and I'm pretty sure Diancie's special attack is higher than its physical attack. now it makes even less sense...
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Blame Game Freak

Seriously, there is no actual reason. It's like when Game Freak made Wooper learn Ice Punch, despite having any hands, or how Scyther cant learn fly despite having wings...

That's Game Freak logic for ya! XD

Not forgetting the flying type Hawlucha unable to participate in sky battles.
It's feet touch the ground. It's like how Gengar can't be in Sky Battles either
But it can.
also, dodrio CAN learn fly with no wings