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I'm playing through Pokemon X right now and just beat Grant. I'm not sure what Pokemon to teach strength to. My current team is:

Braixen - level 33
Wartortle - level 32
Hawlucha - level 24
Jolteon - level 23

I only recently got Jolteon and Hawlucha by the way so that's why they are under level. The Pokemon that can actually learn strength are everyone except Braixen. I was thinking Jolteon but please tell me what you think. I know this isn't really important but I'm thinking about the future and what movesets they will have because once a Pokemon has learnt a HM, there's no going back.

MightyMudkip :)

If you can get a Dratini,later will evolve into a Dragonair and then into Dragonite and even as a HM slave is really powerful.For example once(when I started to play pokemon and knew nothing more than from what I saw on tv show and didn't remembered quite well most of things) I used it and it was almost undefeatable .It knew Thunder,Waterfall,Fly,Strenght .

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cheers Mike.
I would suggest getting an HM slave, but since you asked for one of these 4, i'd say Hawlucha.
Hawlucha is currently the only physically offensive Pokemon in your team, so it's kind of a no-brainer.
Also, Strength is a great move to have on Hawlucha, possibly even for the E4.

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Thanks :)
I would suggest a HM slave too.Someone like Tropius or Ludicolo .By the way I want flying type to know fly (it seems more logical,also helps to avoid attacks).I would recommend Wartortle to know Strenght.
Sorry I already taught Hawlucha strength. :( but wartortle will probably have surf and waterfall anyway and don't really want a hm slave as I have made the mistake of that in a lot of games