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I have a friend who's ace is a Garchomp, and I want a Dragon Type to match him point for point. I've settled on training a Dragonite, but, competitively, which of these Dragon types is stronger? Well, besides the fact Garchomp has a Mega Evolution. Just the normal Garchomp here. Am I wasting my time on Dragonite?

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Also for the record, Scarf Kyruem should effortlessly OHKO it, and unless it runs scarf back, no way for outspeed. Actually, pretty much any Dragon around Garchomps speed can outspeed and OHKO with scarfs.

Tbh, don't use Dragons at all if you want a guaranteed win. Just pick something like Weavile or Scizor, soemthing that can either KO extremely fast or can survive good deals of time.
The downside of Kyurem is that it's not easily accessible; no Pokebank = no Kyurem.

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Dragonite is only worthwhile if it has its hidden ability, Multiscale. Multiscale will halve the damage dealt to Dragonite when it's at full health, meaning Dragonite can survive a hit from Garchomp and either KO it with Outrage or set up a Dragon Dance and proceed to sweep.

A common strategy with Multiscale Dragonite is to let it hold Weakness Policy, so it gets the attack & sp. atk boost when hit with a super effective move that it will almost always survive when it's at full health.

However, be careful. If Garchomp is banded, it has a chance of OHKOing Dragonite with one Outrage, and it'll out speed Dragonite as well. Even with Multiscale, Mega-Garchomp will put a dent in Dragonite, around 80-90% of its health, with one Outrage.

If you want to consider another Dragon option, I can recommend:
- Outspeeds Garchomp; OHKO's Garchomp with an un-boosted Draco Meteor.
- works well either with specs or scarf
- good special movepool

You can reconsider using a Dragon type to match Garchomp as well; something with Ice Beam and decent sp. atk will end Garchomp, and considering that nearly all water types can learn Ice Beam, it's not that hard to find a good candidate (Greninja is the best one that comes to mind).

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Competitively Dragonite might be better than Garchomp.

First of all, I am not saying that it is better. Both are really good.

The reasons why I think Dragonite might be better are:

  • Higher attack stat
  • Higher defenses
  • Higher special attack stat (if you want a mixed or special attacker)
  • Its Multiscale ability

With its higher attack stat it hits harder, Garchomp has access to Swords dance, sure, but you have Dragon dance as well.
Its ability, Multiscale, allows it to take even a super effective hit and live, and hit back hard with a STAB or super effective move.

Garchomp has an big advantage too. Aside from the Mega evolution, of course. It is faster and a lot of the time Garchomps are scarfed, so you would have to rely on finishing it off with a priority move.

If you want to compare Dragonite and Mega Garchomp then it doesn't really stand a chance.

These are just my opinions, one is not just a lot better than the other.

Hope I helped.

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In my opinion dragonite is better because it has good bulk and good attack with a brilliant ability multiscale if you're going to use dragonite use this set.

[email protected] Policy
Ev's 252 attack / 252 hp / 4 speed
Adamant Nature
Move set:
Extreme Speed
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw

Hope I Helped

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They're both amazing in their own way! Get whichever one you can get your hands, it's really dependent on the game you're playing. I know that in Kanto and Johto, you can only get a Dragonite. In Sinnoh, you can only get a Garchomp (before beating the Pokemon League). I haven't played in Kalos, but in Unova, when I went to face Boss Trainer Benga, I loaded up on dragon types (Garchomp, Dragonite, and Kingdra). Really, just get the one that's easier to find. You cannot go wrong with either one - and I mean it too.

Okay, if you want me to do an in-depth analysis, here it goes. Dragonite is a monster defensively and offensively, but doesn't have a whole lot of HP or speed. Garchomp has identical defense stats to Dragonite, with lower attack, special attack, and special defense, but more than makes up for this by being the fastest of all pseudo-legendary Pokemon, as well as an outstanding special ability. Sand Veil raises Garchomp's evasion during a Sandstorm, giving it insurance against supereffective moves. And not to mention that Garchomp learns Sandstorm in the Gible phase. So, even though Dragonite has Safeguard and Light Screen, plus the defense stats, don't underestimate Garchomp's defensive power. As far as movepools go, Garchomp has access to STABBED Earthquake, plus Swords Dance, Crunch, elemental Fangs, and Sandstorm. Dragonite has access to a normal Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Aqua Tail, the elemental Punches, Rain Dance, and Outrage. Both have different movepools, but they're both equally effective.

But there is one advantage Garchomp has over Dragonite, and that is how easy it is to pick up. In Kanto, you cannot get a Dratini until you're about to challenge Koga for your 5th gym badge. Dratini is a pain to find, especially with hundreds of Goldeens and Psyducks in the Safari Zone as well, and it's an even bigger pain first grinding to Level 55 to get a Dragonite, then grind again to Level 60 so that your Pokemon are at similar levels to those the Elite Four and Blue use. In Johto, it gets slightly easier because you can purchase a Dratini at the Goldenrod Game Corner if you're playing Gold and Silver. In Crystal and the remakes, you do get a Dratini that can use Extremespeed, but it is at Level 15, and since you've already gotten your 8th gym badge, you're going to have to grind a lot to get it to Level 45 (a good level to challenge the Pokemon League at). You could fish for a Dratini or Dragonair at Level 40 (and they're pretty common too) in the Dragon's Den, but I like Extremespeed because it makes up for Dragonite's low speed. Compare this to Garchomp. It is so easy to get a Gible in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Before even getting your third gym badge, you could enter the Wayward Cave. Just because the cave is dark, doesn't mean you need Flash. If you go into the Secret Entrance (and make it without Flash), you can get a Gible at Level 17-20, and they occur about 20% of the time. Not to mention the TM26 Earthquake. And it'll soon evolve into a strong Gabite, who will prove incredibly useful against Maylene's Lucario and Fantina's Duskull (if you're playing Platinum). So, due to how easy it is to get, and at a point so early in the game, I'll have to go with Garchomp.