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A friend gave me a Fletchling with Pokerus. Why isn't Pokerus showing?

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Perhaps it used to have it, if so it will have a pink face icon on the summary screen.
was it in his or your party for 2 days, if so it was cured.

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One possibility is that he simply tricked you, unfortunately.

It is possible if you don't see it on the Pokemon summary screen. It could also be a glitch but that's more unlikely.

>When infected, a Pokémon's status screen will indicate it much as it does any other status condition.

The icon you should see in gen 6 and in gen 5 is image

Make sure you check that and make sure you talk to a nurse in a Pokecenter. They comment on the Pokerus if you have it.

What they say in generation 6:

>"Oh... It looks like your Pokémon may be infected with the Pokérus.
Little is known about the Pokérus, except that it is a microscopic life-form that attaches to Pokémon.
While infected, Pokémon are said to grow exceptionally well."

If none of that happens they he tricked you. Sorry. :/

Hope I helped.

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