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Whadda ya mean tagging it 'competitive' and 'in-game-team'
^^ Basically what I was gonna say.

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Well, I'll answer for both!

In-game, any Pokemon can be a beast. I had one and it kicked Grimsley's butt in White2. You can also use it in X/Y, but usage is limited as you get Lucario fro Korrina.

Competitively, it is good in the lower tiers, but it is of no use in the higher tiers. Lucario and Blaziken outclass it in every single way you can think of.

To summarize, it is usable in-game, but it sucks competitively

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Just saying, Mienshao doesn't suck in competitive at all. It's a champion in UU, and has access to two fantastic abilities in Reckless and Regenerator. Mienshao is faster than Lucario, meaning Scarf sets are more viable, and it also hits harder on the physical side. Blaziken outclasses both clearly, but Mienshao definitely competes with non-mega Lucario in UU.
^ I was about to say that for Mienshao.
It makes a great Fake Out/ U-Turn scout.