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I've recently started writing a Pokémon Fanfic thing, and I've noticed a recurring trend with Pokémon events;
Pokémon Platinum; Team Galactic battles you and You meet the legendary pokémon on Mt.Coronet
Pokémpon HG/SS; Team Rocket is disbanded after a battle in the Radio Tower
Pokémon White and Black; A final battle in N's Castle,on the top floor/You also meet the legend in the tower thingy...
Pokémon Black and White 2; Final battles are in icy cave in the far north,after the several battles in the flying ship.
Pokémon X and Y is the exception, being underground...
What's the recurring theme? Each of these things are in high up places! Whether a Mountain, Tower, Castle, Flying - each important event seems to be North or high above ground. Does anyone know why? And also, it seems to be in the North if it isn't high up...
Odd question, but if anyone can help please do! :-)

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My Illogical Theory

Well, in the underground and in high-up places there are not many people around. Generally, in all the places you stated, there are not many people there, so it would be a great place to have an intimate final battle. 'Cos you know, if we decided to murder Ghetsis's Pokemon in the middle of Castelia City there would be people cheering and booing and throwing popcorn or roses or really annoying squeaky toys that would just take the full focus off of battling. I hope that wasn't a biased opinion since honestly I wouldn't want to have the final battle with Giovanni in the middle of Lumiose City with thousands of people watching. xD

And also, it must be cool to have a final battle where a legendary Pokemon once existed. I mean, in nearly all the places you stated a legendary Pokemon was/is/will be there. E.g. when you finally defeat Ghetsis in Black and White 2 you do it in Kyurem's presence. Or, Kyurem's previous presence. Wherever it was, Kyurem was there. And in RSE, you battle Archie/Maxie in the presence of Kyogre/Groudon. That must be pretty flippin' awesome.

Hope I helped. :)

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Maxie is the magma dude
Thanks Indigo! :-)  I got an even better answer than I expected!XD
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My Theory
The major events in each game are in the "important" places. Hope I helped!(ish)

Wow. Such analysis. Much applaud.
@quagmire did you even read the question?
Yeah he said why the events are up high or on a mountain or up north. Those things are important :3
lol fondant xD
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