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Protect - Evades attack, but may fail if used in succession.

The maximum successions of me using Protect was 3 times.

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You have a chance to use it 77 times before you have an absolute 0% chance to succeed.

That being said, the chances are ridiculously low.
Here is a chart:


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You can use it an infinite amount of times.

Protect's success rate decays by 50% each consecutive turn it, Detect, King's Shield, Spiky Shield, Quick Guard or Endure is used, with a minimum chance of 12.5%. This means a chart would go like this:

Turn 1: 100% Success Rate
Turn 2: 50%
Turn 3: 25%
Turn 4: 12.5%
Turn 5: 12.5%
Turn 6: 12.5%
Turn N: (1/2)^n-1 ≥ 12.5%

The chart that Immortal gave was for Generation III, as there was a glitch that made it not properly cap off at 12.5% and gave it a weird sequence of success rates.

This was fixed in Diamond & Pearl and Protect has worked properly ever since.


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