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As an example

Deoxys Speed with max Speed EVs and IVs, maxed out Agility, and Extreme Sspeed with Quick Claw


Shuckle with -speed nature, Lagging Tail, and Contrary with Several Shell smashes to lower its speed

Is there some way that Deoxys can break through the priority or is it just not possible?

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Helping Hand is the one move that can outprioritize Protect, being +5 to Protect's +4. Obviously, it doesn't care about the presence or absence of Protect anyway, but hey. There's also Pursuit, perhaps in a doubles match where one opponent uses Protect and the other switches: Pursuit will automatically be redirected to hit the switcher, and go before Protect.

Other moves in the +4 bracket also match Protect and use speed order as the tiebreaker (but none of these deal damage); it's also possible for the status moves in +3 (i.e. not Fake Out) to "jump" a single bracket and pull into a tie with the +4 moves but only if the user has Prankster (Klefki using Crafty Shield or Meowstic using Quick Guard). Nothing in +2 or lower, such as Extreme Speed, can ever bridge the gap to go before a +4 move like Protect.

Yes, because priority ignores speed unless they are in the same priority bracket.
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No, Deoxys can't.
Priority moves always go first regardless of speed so Speed lowering or raising doesn't matter.
Quick Claw can't hit first of the foe is using a priority move such as quick attack or protect.

But there are some moves that can break through protect. They are Feint, Hyperspace Hole, Hyperspace Fury, Doom Desire, Phantom Force and Shadow Force.
Without Doom Desire, every other included above lift protect for the rest of the battle.
The answer is 'yes'

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They lift protect for the rest of the TURN, not the battle.