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I was thinking of a strategy of toxic stalling with no guard protect using Machamp (It can learn both protect and toxic). Wanted to know if it is possible.

no guard prevents attacks and moves that target from missing. Protect is neither targets, nor does it 'miss', it fails.
Protect actually misses. It's accuracy becomes 1/3rd each time it is used. It is possible to get two or more consecutive protects, just it is very unlikely.
And No Guard ensures that all attacks used by, and targeted at, the ability-bearer hit without fail. It isn't just targeting moves, it's moves used by and targeted on ability bearer.
As mentioned above, Protect *fails* when used unsuccessfully. It is only possible to 'miss' attacks that have a target other than the user. You cannot disprove this by simply saying it isn't so.
“Power    —
Accuracy    —”

Protect can’t miss because it doesn’t target anyone but the user. “Its chance of failing rises in succession.” Fails not misses.

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I feel like you're misunderstanding a few things.

The easiest way to explain No Guard is that it turns all attacks into Aerial Ace, i.e moves that don't check accuracy.

Protect does not have accuracy. It doesn't target itself, it simply happens. It has no targetting and no accuracy.

No Guard affects attacks with an accuracy check and then ignores it. Protect does not have an accuracy check, so it wouldn't be affected by No Guard at all.

Category Status Status
Power —
Accuracy —
PP 10 (max. 16)
Priority +4
Makes contact? No
Introduced Generation 2

No accuracy, no relation to No Guard.


I understand it says 'accuracy' in the description but that isn't really (ironically) accurate. Showdown for example also describes it as failing, and literally all of its ingame descriptions say 'fail' rather than 'miss'.

You are definitely correct, this a good answer for me.
On turn 3, Porygon2's protect fails even though it has no guard. So no guard doesn't prevent failing.