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I know that the anime hasn't gotten this far, but is there any answer given for what happened to the Lost Hotel? Or does anyone have any clues or a theory?

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What happened to the Lost Hotel? Did Ash and co. never go to the Lost Hotel?
That's simply because they didn't want to, I'd assume. The Lost Hotel is a very lonely and dangerous place. And a lot of places in the games are not referred to in the anime.
The lost hotel is in the game, isn't it? It's that damaged small place that punk kids took over and made it their base.
Yeah,the lost Hotel is in Northern Kalos near Laverre city I think,and its an old abandoned falling apart hotel...and also,The anime in America is only up to like Shalour city so....Ash might go in it later...
You never know, since the anime has not even got all the way up there.
It's weird that this question even exists lol, the next thing you know in the anime they'll fix a whole plot to it.
The XY anime doesn't exist in Britain yet so...:P
wait............what!? it doesnt exist in Britian?
Yup, the UK is a parallel universe created by her majesty the queen.
If anyone answers,I will give the top answer to you,cuz the question needs to die...

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The lost hotel is said to be a hotel that was once quite famous.
But for some reason it has been left in ruins now, as you can see from the exterior. It's quite possible some major calamity like earthquake, storm or even a legendary Pokemon (quite possible Yveltal, being the death Pokemon that once did do something like that) happened to it.

However all this is speculation, nobody will know what the history behind the hotel is unless Nintendo or Gamefreak make it official.

Since the lane on which Lost Hotel lies also homes quite a few Hex Maniacs though, it's quite possible an ill omen or somthing occurred, as they usually tend to gather in ominous places.
Now it's nothing more than a hangout spot for the best skater in all of Kalos and some other Punks, all wannabe skaters themselves.

Hope I helped!

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Well yeah, the reason is unknown in short.
Thank you B-)