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I want to have a para-flinch Pokemon and I saw Togetic had good defenses. I also want to use Metronome in battle.
Also, what moves should I use for para-flinch moveset.


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If you're going for competitive play, teaching your Togetic metronome wouldn't be the best idea, because anything could happen when you use that move.

As for a paraflinch moveset, here's what I got:

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Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Bold (+def -atk) or Calm (+sp.def -atk)
EVs: 252 def, 252 sp.def, 4 sp.atk
Thunder Wave (duh)
Extrasensory (the best option for flinching)
Nasty Plot/Metronome (setting up or metronome)
Dazzling Gleam/Air Cutter (STAB)

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Thanks for the help I really appreciate it. BTW If you ever want to battle my fc is 1091-8806-8274. I'm going to use my togetic with that exact moveset