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I need to find an eviolite for my onix. I can't believe how weak it is to simisage and simipour... that is why I need a eviolite... Why can't I use a metal coat to evolve it? I need to trade to evolve it, and wifi is disabled for black 2, I've heard. Please help!!!

I need an eviolite!!!

This question has been asked before, twice actually.
Oh and you don't need Wi-fi ti trade, you can still trade wirelessly with friends.
It didn't SAY that it was asked before.
It is not always accurate, especially if the wording was different.

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Castelia City

>Central Plaza
The northernmost building on the east side of the street is full of people on the ground floor, one of whom is a Scientist who will give the player an Eviolite if they have seen enough Pokémon. On the 47th floor, a man will explain the effects of each of the eight Badges.


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Wow thanks dood I appreciate the help
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I have 101 poke balls lol
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