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I just wanted to know because I got Bulbasaur and a Charizardite X

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You can't exactly trade, but you can do transfers that will eventually enable you to get a Pokemon from HG / SS to Pokemon XY.

  • First of all, you would need to Transfer your Pokemon from Heart Gold to BW / BW2 using the PokeTransporter system, which is located on route 15, which can be accessed after you have deleted the Elite 4
  • After this, you will need to transfer the Pokemon from BW / BW2 using the PokeTransfer and the Pokebank. (Pokebank cost 5 dollars, Pound Sterling, Euros, Yen etc...Once bought, you will get the PokeTransfer with it.)

After doing all these things, your Pokemon from HG / SS will be in XY
However you can not interact between HG / SS and XY directly.

This is also the only way to transfer it from HG to XY

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Not directly.

You would have to have 2 DS devices and a copy of either Pokemon Black, White, Black 2 or White 2 to transfer a Pokemon from HeartGold to one of the games mentioned above, then to Pokebank, and then to X/Y.

How to access Poke Trasporter-
Poke Transporter is located in route 15 in the Unova region (in any of the gen 5 games mentioned above), and is how you would tranfer from HeartGold to one of those games.

Can be purchased in the Nintendo EShop for the 3DS, costs 5$ a year and is how you would tranfer Pokemon from Gen 5 to X/Y

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Without PokeBank, no, you can't

Simple as that.

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