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Example -

Riolu only needs 1 exp for level up and evolve, he gets poisoned in battle and he faints the opponent making Riolu leveling up and evolving into Lucario.
Lucario is a Steel-type making it cannot be under poison..

Would Lucario get poison or get rid of poison?

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Yes, it would still be poisoned.

Even though it cannot get poisoned any other way, it wouldn't just go away.

>Non-volatile status conditions, officially called status problems, are status conditions that will remain until a Pokémon is healed at a Pokémon Center, a specific curative item is used, or, in case of freeze and sleep, after a certain number of turns during the battle.


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Actually there is a way in which steel types get poisoned, using soak and toxic would poison them.
Yes, but then it's not a Steel type anymore, true?
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Lucario would still be poisoned after evolving from Riolu, and will still take damage from the poison