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I know this has been asked before(I asked it) but DT said that it doesn't which is contrary to the answer to the old one can anyone confirm/disprove this. ex: leaf storm sharply raises S.attack, curse lowers attack and def and boosts speed.

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Note that I myself didn't say it won't work, I've just seen a lot of information saying it didn't, so I just wanted to be sure.

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Okay, I did check around, and this has now confirmed to work with Leaf Storm. So fire away with your powerful movesets.

Edit: If anyone wants to see it in action, check this out, just be warned that this is an Elite 4 battle in case you're concerned about spoilers.


Problem is apart from Leaf Storm, Serperior has no other attacks. Swagger is a good one to confuse opponent and lower their attack, otherwise you'll have to play defensive.
Wring Out has 120 BP if the opponent is at full HP, Pokemaster. After a Leaf Storm Boost, Wring Out + Leaf Storm 2HKOs even Steel-types.

Against x4 resistances or Immunities though, you'll still be held up, so watch out for Gengar, Shedinja, and bulky Steels like Aggron.