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Ok, we have Smeargle and another Pokemon in a team :

Smeargle @ Quick Claw/Leftovers
EV's = 252 Spe/129Def/129SpD
Nature : Timid
- Spore
- Bulk Up/Dragon Dance
- Substitute
- Baton Pass

Mamoswine @ Choice Band
EV's = 252HP/252Att/4Def
Nature : Adamant
- Icicle Spear
- Ice Shard
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

The strategy: Lead with Smeargle and use Spore first turn. Then set up a Dragon dance/Bulk up. After that Substitute and Baton pass into Mamoswine.

Would it be possible for my Mamoswine to sweep from there?

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Most gardevoirs if not all have hyper voice which hits through subs.
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Not necessarily.

You can set it all up, sure, you're not making a mistake there but there is not way to just tell you if Mamoswine will sweep.
Additionally if Quick Claw does not activate, alot of the time Smeargle will be outsped and OHKOed - Smeargle is actually somewhat slow and very frail against most of the primary sweepers. You also require the sleep status to be in effect for a few turns, so if they wake up in one or two turns, you're gone.
In the end it really depends on the other person's team and the plays they make.

If you want to get more info on how it would work with your full team, include all the details and post this on the RMT section.

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It could work, yes. And that strategy pretty much already exists. It is simply called Baton Pass.
However with those items, no, no it won't work. One hit and Smeargle is dead. So it would be advisable to slap on a Focus Sash > Quick Claw, Leftovers and run the standard Ev spread over that one, since the standard one works much betterL 96 HP / 120 Def / 40 SDef / 252 Spe.

It would also be optimized by running Shell Smash over Dragon Dance, which makes you a sweeper from turn one and does the job of 2 DDs in one turn.

Changing its Mamoswine's item is also highly recommended so that it can actually sweep, because there will usually be a Pokemon to resists one of its move and just KO it ending its sweep. I would suggest running more speed and a little less HP. 132 Speed EVs will enable it to outpace everything up to Scarfed Garchomp at +2. Change its item to Focus Sash or Life Orb to unsure that you kill a few Pokemon, even at your boost, nothing is unsured.

Having a few other Pokemon with the ability to pass boosts is also an option to help ot sweep better.

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There's no reason why this strategy won't work. The stat boosts that Smeargle gains and the Substitute will be passed onto Mamoswine with Baton Pass.

But if you are asking "Do you think this strategy is good?", then this isn't where you should be asking this question. You should put this strategy into a full team, then put the team on a question on the RMT section of the site.

I'll post a team when I make one (-,-)
OK, but there's no need to be all (-.-), I'm just helping you. :)
Thanks :)