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For Gyarados, when you mega evolve, will you be able to still use flying type moves, and can you use dark type moves after?

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Unfortunately, Mega Evolution's types cannot be used in STABmons.

So for example, Gyarados can use any Water or Flying type moves, but can't use Dark type moves(unless he learns it legitly), even if he mega-evolves.

>Megas do not grant their new STABs to their base Pokemon! This is because Mega. Evolution only takes place during battle when a Pokemon is unable to learn any moves. This is the same logic behind why Castform can't learn all Ice, Fire, and Water moves.


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I'm talking about it using a flying type move in one turn, then in the next turn, it mega evolves and gains the ability to use dark type moves instead of flying. ^^^^^^ My Guess
It doesn't work like that. In STABmons, Pokémon can use any move that belong to the following:

STAB. Obviously.
STAB of pre-evolutions. So for example, Umbreon would have access to all Dark and Normal type moves, because its pre-evolution is Eevee.
You DO NOT, however, get access to any types that were gained upon mega evolution.
Ok thanks!