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Do I have to catch an Abra and evolve it or does somebody (in-game) trade me a Kadabra which evolves into an Alakazam upon that trade?

just trade for kadabra or a alakazam on the GTS

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There are no Kadabra for trade in-game.
So you have to capture a Abra at Route 5 or Friend Safari and evolve it to Kadabra at Level 16 then trade it.

Source - Trades in-game XY.
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Abra can be found in route 5 or the Psychic Friend Safari, but has the move Teleport, which means that if your Quick Ball fails, it'll use Teleport and flee, making it frustrating to catch.

Or you can transfer one from B/W|B2/W2, but means you will have to have Pokebank.

So honestly, trading for it would be alot easier to do.

Those are the only 3 ways to get an Abra in XY.