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Also,can I get a list with all the baby Pokemon please?
Thanks in advance.

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Scyther is not a baby Pokemon as it can breed.

Here is the list of baby Pokemon:

  1. Pichu
  2. Igglybuff
  3. Cleffa
  4. Elekid
  5. Magby
  6. Togepi
  7. Tyrogue
  8. Smoochum
  9. Azurill
  10. Wynaut
  11. Budew
  12. Chingling
  13. Bonsly
  14. Mime Jr.
  15. Happiny
  16. Munchlax
  17. Mantyke

Hope I helped!

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Scyther is in LC, but is not a baby Pokemon. js.
Scyther is banned from LC, it's in Ubers now :P
Technically, any Pokemon that hasn't evolved yet are in LC, baby Pokemon or not.
Emolga OP'd in LC.
Of course you know that. :P
Thank you !