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What? I think siestas mean cigarettes in America, so my Ivysaur takes cigarettes?

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Nothing to worry about, this just means your Ivysaur enjoys getting high. You never seen a Pokémon smoking before? http://i.imgur.com/OrQUW.jpg

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Its means your ivysaur takes alot of naps but it also means whats its highest ivs, you should learn more by reading what on the link. http://www.serebii.net/games/characteristics.shtml

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Seista is Spanish for a "nap". Generally, a short nap taken around the afternoon, after lunch.

Try the dictionary

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a midday or afternoon rest or nap, especially as taken in Spain and Latin America.

That's the definition. So no your Ivysaur does not smoke it sleeps a lot.

Source: Dictionary.com app

No I'm pretty sure that Ivysaur just likes to smoke. Not ciggarettes either.
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Thank you! He isn't smoking!