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I'm talking about the Pokemon needed in order to excel at getting Pokemon you want (e.g. Suction Cups for fishing, Sweet Scent for finding hordes [hidden ability], sleep-inducing moves, False Swipe for catching any Pokemon, Synchronise for finding a Pokemon with the same nature or that ability - that I can't remember off the top of my head - that doubles the likely hood of wild Pokemon appearing.)

Please include SPECIFIC Pokemon you recommend (don't just say HM slave etc.) and why you recommend them, with the moves they need (not complete movesets unless necessary), and make sure you cover everything for catching specific Pokemon like shinies or those with the same nature or gender.

Include items that are useful like the PokeRadar, the SuperRod or PokeFlutes etc.

Thank you.

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Please tell me the names of Pokemon and why - like Qwerty Zoom - because that is more helpful.
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For X and Y:

Here's a good party:

Ralts (or any Synchronizer of choice)

That's it for the team. Really.
This is the team I usually use for catching Pokemon,

  • Vileplume as my Pokemon that can put the opposing Pokemon to sleep, attract Hordes with Sweet Scent and to demolish useless hordes with Petal Storm. Usually make it hold a Black Sludge.

  • Farfetch'd is the ace of my capture team. It can use False Swipe for capturing Pokemon, Fly for transportation, Thief to steal items and Air Cutter to get some of those background berries. Usually make it hold a Stick, I take it off whenever I have to use Thief though.

  • Malamar is only useful when I do fishing (or chaining), as the Suction Cups ability helps me a lot. Usually make it hold the Cleanse Tag (in those times I don't want to encounter wild Pokemon, this one is my lead). Has Cut for other purposes as well.

  • Ralts, well, I have a lot of Ralts. Each one for a different Synchronize. Very useful when I happen to be on a hunt for Dittos of a particular nature. Make it (them) hold Smoke Ball, so that I can flee if I ever meet the wrong Pokemon (they are level 1, so they need that).

  • Bibarel is the classic HM Slave. It knows Waterfall, Strength, Surf and Rock Smash. It also has Unaware (and is low levelled) for those Pokemon that try to use Minimize against me, and also helps in attracting a lot of Pokemon (the ability you mentioned was Unaware by the way). Make it hold Mystic Water, just to give it a chance against some trainers that I left behind during my in-game part.

I generally leave the last slot empty to have the Pokemon I captured in my team, rather than in a box. This helps me get the right Pokemon, as if I got something bad like when Synchronize failed, I can just reset and try again. Saves Pokeballs (lol).
If not, I put in a Pokemon with Intimdate on the last slot, because the rate of encountering Pokemon of lower levels lessens when it's in the front.

That's all really, I sometimes put in a Pokemon with Surf if I have to, but usually this alone pays off. Compound Eyes Pokemon for searching out items as well, like Light Clay, King's Rocks, Metal Coats etc.

When I'm particularly looking for Horde Shinies, I swap out Malamar for a Mismagius with Skill Swap, and throw in a Krookodile with Intimidate. Here's how that works:

  1. I skill swap the shiny, so that it has Levitate. This also helps to capture those Geodude from Hordes that are constantly after each other's lives with Magnitude.
  2. I switch out.
  3. I defeat every other non-shiny with a Ground type move from Krookodile.

Works every time :D

Useful items well, here they are:

  1. Smoke Ball (helps in fleeing away from unwanted Pokemon)
  2. Cleanse Tag (keeps unwanted Pokemon away to an extent)
  3. Stick (increases Farfetch'd's critical hit ratio, that means every Air Cutter is a crit)
  4. Quick Balls (has a strong catch rate on the first turn of battle)
  5. Ultra Balls (overall good catch rate)
  6. Poke Radar (see more info about it and chaining here)
  7. Super Rod / Good Rod / Old Rod (depending on the Pokemon I want to hunt for)
  8. Honey (optional, does the same thing as Sweet Scent. Only useful when you don't have Vileplume)
  9. Repels (keeps unwanted Pokemon of lower levels away)
  10. Repeat or Dusk Balls (Repeat if your dex is complete, Dusk if not, only for hard to capture Pokemon)
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