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I was making a competitive team and I decided that I'll pick Gengar for my team, but what nature should I go with because they are both the best natures for it. So, should it be faster or more offensive?

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Depends on team or set,
Timid. Then you can out speed non-scrafed Darkrai.
Its moveset is Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam or Focus Blast, Energy Ball and one more move i don't know what it should be
Sludge bomb for coverage and stab
but some told me to have 1 STAB move and other moves for coverage but i guess that can work but then mabey its better to have a stat booosting move or a Status boosting move
Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast and Dazzling Gleam should suffice.
With Timid.

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Go for Timid nature, you'll have a speed advantage over many other Pokemon as Gengar's speed can reach intense heights. I choose speed over power because it has high special attack anyway.

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k so now two people said timid, thanks so much, now il start breeding a timid 5 IV ghastly