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6v6 singles battle.
My Forretress uses Stealth Rocks and Spikes (once), then faints.
I send my Riolu with he Prankster ability and Roar.

If the conditions of the battle are:

No Rapid-Spinner
Pokemon would receive normal damage from Stealth Rocks and Spikes
No Priority-Moves (Making Roar always go first)
No Pranksters (only Riolu)
No weather effects such Sandstorm, making Riolu get damage

Roar has 32 PP (Max.) and the question is, if I use all 32 Roars, can I win the battle?

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A few things...

  1. You need Copycat. Prankster increases the priority of moves by 1, so Roar will be -5 instead of -6. Riolu will need an extra turn. This means the opponent gets a free turn to try kill Riolu before you can really start the chain (They attack before Roar works on the first turn).
  2. Taunt. Ruins your strategy.
  3. Wish passing
    With a little luck, Pokemon with support Pokemon utilising Wish can potentially heal back everything you deal, and delay out your 32 PP
  4. Suction Cups negates Roar
  5. The ability Soundproof negates the effects of Roar.
  6. Regenerator. Those Pokemon can heal back everything SR + a single layer of Spikes does to them with ease, since they gain back around 30% every time they get forced out.

In conclusion? Yes, it is possible, but there are many factors that can prevent you from doing so.

In Pokemon Showdown would using Roar and Copycat be legal?
I heard someone that says you can't. True?
No it's legal.
Ok thanks! c:
Doesn't this only work in Gen 5?