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I was on battle spot. I sent out Alakazam. They sent out Greninja. I then Mega Evolved my Alakazam. Here's the problem: I ran a LEGIT stat calculator, and said that my Alakazam's speed should've been 399. With this knowledge, I used Dazzling Gleam. Seeing how I was max Sp.Atk, it would've OHKO'd it for sure. The Geninja however, went first, used Dark Pulse, got a boost from Protean, and KO'd my Alakazam. Now at first I just thought it had a Choice Scarf. I then got pretty confused when I found out that it had a life orb. Greninja only has a max speed of 374, and it was KB, so What the heck happened?! (This has happened 3 times btw)

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Mega Evolutions Speed stat only changes on the turn AFTER it Mega Evolves.

Therefore, as Alakazam has a base speed of 120, compared to Greninja's base 122, Greninja outsped Mega Alakazam for that turn only.

Had Mega Alakazam lived to see another turn, its speed would increase to the base 150 you expected. This is the same for all Megas.

Are you serious?  I didn't know that.
Aw man, I never knew that. Guess I'll have to breed for a timid Alakazam.
Even if you have a Timid Alakazam you still wouldn't out speed a Greninja which has a nature beneficial for speed. So you should Mega Evolve when a Pokemon which is slower than Alakazam is around. Source: Experience